News Letter

Praise the Lord!

On 31/3/2019, we had a wonderful Service in the new hall. Our brother Swiss friend Bruno Frei had a speech.  Our heartfelt thanks goes to Bruno Frei for the great message. 

Thukha Myanmar is so grateful to our preciouse friends.

God Bless you all. 

 Bible School Training Finished!

The Third Batch Bible School Training  has been sucessfully finished on 19 October 2019.  (15 ) students ( 9) boys and (6) girls completed their course well. Now they go back home to serve the people. Next year from June 20 20  the fourth Batch will start again. Period of training is six months. Bellow pictures.

Woman Leaders Annual Conference finished sucessfully!

The third Women Leaders conference was held in Yangon from 31 october to November 3/ 2019. 40 women leaders from Rakhine, Magway, Shan, Irrawaddy, and Yangon participated. Five resouce persons facilitated it. Women is the power of the church and organisation. All women be blessed! Let us meet in the fourth Anuual conference in next year November. 

Leprosy Mission Trip in 2019 ( November 14)

Thukha Myanmar team visited leprosy camp on 14 November 2019. We met lovely families with great joy. We shared medicine, rice and cooking oil and pray for them.
We started to help these leprosy families from 2014 by keeping the work of Mai Mai and Rev. Mang Lian who helped them from 1996. This is located in Pakokku, Magway Region. Three times a year, thukha Myanmar help them by sharing rice, clothes, medicines, oils, soap, kitchen used for living to the families which we collected donations from our well being wishers and by giving education tuition to their children. we could not afford this year for lack of fund even though it is so necessary for the children's future. We are trying to provide the children books, note book, pencil, bag, umbrellas, so on. This land was provided by the Government. It is big enough for over (30) families. The number of all leprosy family in the area is ( 30) family with 150 members. Children have no leprosy disease. Only parents are with deceases. They live by begging house to house and on the road. Better persons can work in the company for food.They live in a very miserable houses.
All are requested to pray for their current needs; medicines, electric meter box for most of houses, teachers for children tuition food.

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 2019 Christmas was celiberated joyfully in 10 places; two places in Irawwady, Three in Rakhine, One In Yangon, one in Shan State and three in Magway.

 Mnay believers and many unbelievers were participating in the Christmas. Myanmar is the Country openning the door widely for Christ.  The entire Country celiberated Chirstmas. God bless Myanmar!!

Blessings in January and February 

1.  Anual meeting in Yangon withthirty ministers attendants. All missionary works, strenght of the ministers and financial income reports. we had decided many points for the next years. All enjoyed. 

2.   We had bought piece of land for children home and children education project by the name of Thukha Myanmar Organisation. We need to start buildings for children. We request you all for keeping prayer.

3. We received our beloved partners from Swiss and Russia Mirjam and Anna. We visited Yangon, Irawwady and magway fields and supported leprosy families, met and met ministers from Rakhine in Yangon. 

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Annual Meeting and Dedication 

By the Grace of God, 2022 Annual meeting was sucessfully finished! 

New Leaders are dedicated to God.

New missionaries are dedicated to God.

Two pastors are ordained. 

Melemaung Church Building Project (25.3.2023)

-Melemaung church needs a building for worship.

- The church was started in 2018.

- God blesses the missionary work and people start to believe in Jesus Christ. 

- They worshiped in the house of the missionary in the beginning.

- Now, the church grows to 80 church members and needs a building for worship.

- 2022, unbeliever known as U Ba Myint donated a large piece of land for the church. 

- Now we are praying to build the hall for worshipping. 

- Please pray and support us for this church building.

- Pictures are as seen!

- It needs 10'000. USD for compeletion. 

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Youth Music Training 

15-25 March, 2023

By God's Grace,  planting project has been blessed and growing in a short time. 

So, the church prayed to have a good training for praise and worship team. 

The church chooses a boy and a girl from each local church.

They have the training in Yangon church.

Pastor Suh Suh and syama Lucy from Haleluaiah Worship Center teach for ten days.  To God be the Glory!!

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